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'Birdman' Takes Oscars' Biggest Prize

Michael Keaton smokes pot in "Birdman," so he was our favorite Oscar nominee. While Keaton lost in the Best Actor competition, the movie won the top award: Best Picture. Sadly, Richard Linklater, who directed "Boyhood," went home empty handed.

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Famous Women on Weed

Two legendary female celebs - Jane Fonda and Stevie Nicks - recently made pro-marijuana comments in interviews. Both say they still smoke pot.

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Bill Maher: 'It's Pot's Turn'

TV pundit Bill Maher excoriates politicians who admit their past use of marijuana and then call it a mistake on the latest edition of "Real Time" on HBO. Check out the highlights.

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Clubs Canceling Shows After Afroman Slugged Woman on Stage

In response to rapper Afroman punching a drunk woman who wandered on stage Tuesday night during his live show in Biloxi, several venues have canceled upcoming shows. This is not the first time Afroman has been aggressive with a fan.

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25 Celebs Getting Stoned on TV Shows

Pot is hotter than ever on the Doob Tube. Major actors are smoking joints, hitting bongs and generally having a high time on shows like "Broad City," "Workaholics" and "Mad Men."

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