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2014 Celebrity Drug Busts from A-Z

A total of 43 celebrities were arrested for marijuana or other drugs in 2014. The best-known bustees were rappers Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross and Trick Daddy, and Willie Nelson's daughter, Paula. Seven out of 10 arrested were athletes.

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Pot Chocolate Controversy in Chippewa Falls

The father of a 15-year old girl in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin has been charged with child neglect, possession of THC and recklessly endangering her after she ate a marijuana-infused chocolate bar at school and became intoxicated.

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Jason Draizin and three other members of his crew were arrested on Aug. 22 in Great Neck, New York after their van was stopped and searched. Police found marijuana, cocaine and Ecstasy.

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Busted in Beijing: Jackie Chan's Son, Jaycee

Jaycee Chan and fellow Taiwanese actor/singer Kai Ko were caught in a sweep of Chinese pot-loving celebrities. Chan was charged with possessing 100 grams of dàmá (Chinese for marijuana) and detained by authorities in Beijing.

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