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Weed, California: Up in Smoke

A favorite road stop for stoners - Weed in Northern California - was hit by a raging wildfire that destroyed 150 homes and buildings in the town of just 3,000 residents. The fire has been contained.

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Philadelphia Decriminalizes Marijuana

The decrim train rolled into Philadelphia in June when City Council voted to end marijuana arrests. As of October 20, if you're caught with 30 grams or less, the worst that can happen is a $25 fine. Just don't puff in public.

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Edibles Battle Heats Up in Colorado

While the MPP is advising responsible use of edible products with a new billboard campaign in Colorado, a class-action suit against an infused-chocolate company is moving ahead and TV's Dr. Oz has called for a ban on such products.

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Colorado Marijuana Tax Report: July 2014

Recreational marijuana sales in Colorado rose to $29.7 in July, an 8% increase over June. The overall tax total, combining rec and medical taxes and license fees, so far in 2014 is $37.5 million.

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Pot Grower Kills Self During Tense Police Standoff in Ohio

Apparently, Timothy Sturgis was mad as hell and wasn't going to take it anymore. The Asheville, Ohio resident killed himself Tuesday after an Ohio police copter landed on his property where they had spotted marijuana plants growing.

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