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Five Top Desktop Vaporizers

While pens are for the on-the-go vaper, desktop vaporizers remain the at-home industry standard. Here are five worth purchasing.

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The Best Glass Bongs of 2016

Glass is an ideal material for bongs; it doesn’t introduce chemicals into the smoke and they're easy to clean. Grav Labs, Medicali, UPC and Envy are the most popular and reasonably priced glass brands currently on the market. Here are five of their best bongs.

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Five Top Portable Vaporizers

Which portable vaporizer should you buy? Here are five solid choices: DaVinci Ascent, Dr. Dabber Ghost, Magic Flight Launch Box, Storz & Bickel's Mighty and Ploom's Pax 2.

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11 Affordable Glass Bong Brands for 2016

Consumers want highly functional and creative glass bongs, dab rigs, bubblers and pipes at affordable prices. Having a budget no longer means settling when it comes to obtaining quality glass.

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Vaporizer Review: FlytLab's H2FLO

Want to turn your portable vaporizer into a water pipe? FlytLab's H2FLO does just that. It's a standard vape with a water chamber attachment.

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