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Patriots' Blount Recieves Community Service for Pot Charge

Running backs Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount were arrested for marijuana possession during a traffic stop on Aug. 20 in Ross Township, Pennsylvania. Blount has since been released by the Steelers and signed by the Patriots.

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Cannabis Cavs? Players Take Fake Tokes

After defeating the Pelicans on Monday, Cavalier stars Kevin Lowe and Kyrie Irving did a lengthy celebratory handshake that ended with both mimicking hitting a J (joint that is, not jumper).

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Giants Win the Wildcard World Series

It was underdog Kansas City (they swept the Orioles in the ALCS) against 2010 and 2012 champs San Francisco (they nearly swept St. Louis in the NLCS) in the World Series. Both won their wildcard games and the Giants outlasted the Royals in seven games.

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Ricky Williams on Pot: 'It Worked for Me'

Former NFL star Ricky Williams doesn't smoke weed anymore, but during his playing days, he says, "It worked for me. It was better for my body. It wasn't necessarily better for my career."

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Former NFL Star Says Players Need Medical Marijuana

After spending 11 years crashing helmets in the NFL, Marvin Washington has become an outspoken advocate for medical marijuana. "How many players are using it? 75 to 80%," the former defensive told attendees at the East Coast Cannabis Business Expo in New York on Oct. 12.

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