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NFL Hands Out Another Year-Long Suspension for Pot

Despite the suspension of three of its players over the last week for drug violations, the unbeaten Carolina Panthers keep rolling. Frank Alexander, Stephen Hill and Wes Horton have all been banned by the NFL.

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NFL Suspends All-Pro LB Aldon Smith for One Year

Linebacker Aldon Smith is certainly a repeat offender. He's had several arrests for DUIs and marijuana and gun possession. Now, due to his latest brush with the the law, the All-Pro will sit out the remainder of this season and part of next.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Threaten NORML Chapter

The Steelers have picked a fight with NORML over the Pittsburgh chapter's parody of the Steelers logo. The chapter agreed to sack that logo and then went right ahead and imitated the Penguins logo.

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Kyle Turley: 'Cannabis Will Save Football'

Former NFL All-Pro player Kyle Turley says marijuana has given him his life back after struggling with injuries and pain meds following a nine-year career as an offensive lineman with the Saints, Rams and Chiefs.

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Rams Duo Suspended for 'Substance Abuse'

In back-to-back suspensions, the NFL caught two Rams offensive players with an illegal drug (most likely marijuana) in their systems - first RB Trey Watts and now WR Stedman Bailey.

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