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Willie Nelson Supports Hillary Clinton, But Hasn't Endorsed Her (Yet)

Two years ago, during a visit to Willie Nelson's bus, I asked the legendary singer if he'd back Hillary Clinton's 2016 run for president. "I'd support her in anything she does," he said at the time. But Nelson has yet to officially endorse Clinton.

Willie Nelson with Hillary Clinton and his manager Mark Rothbaum.

I reached out to his publicist Elaine Shock last month and her answer was, "I don't know yet."

During that bus visit, Chris Goldstein and I peppered Willie with questions. We both knew that Hillary had been on the bus the last time she ran for president in 2008. 

"Oh, I've known Hillary for a long time and I've met her a few times on the road," Willie recalled. 

"Would she be a friend of marijuana reform?" I inquired.

"I don't know," Willie stated. "I've heard her talk about it. It hasn't been negative, but it hasn't been completely positive either."

Back in 2011, WIllie's friend Merle Haggard, who passed away on Apr. 6, told Bill Maher on Real Time that when Hillary came on bus, "I think she inhaled."

Clinton says she has never used marijuana, despite growing up in the '60s.

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