Stony Ashtray Ceramics Lesson with Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen in "Pineapple Express" (right) and his weedy ashtray (left)

Who didn't take ceramics class in school? I know I did. The blue ashtray below is my one remainig piece from a class I took over 50 years ago.

When he's not bashing Sen. Ted Cruz these days, Seth Rogen has been tweeting photos of his own ceramic work. You'd figure the CelebStoner would make an ashtray... you know, because he smokes pot. My ashtray presumably was for cigarettes I didn't smoke. I'm not sure why I made it; must have been a class assignment.

But Rogen's green ashtray below is clearly weed-oriented. It looks like a coffee mug without a handle. A little piece is attached to the lip of the mug where you can place your smoking joint or cigarette. It's fairly ingenious.

Rogen most recently starred in An American Pickle. He and his writing and producing partner Evan Goldberg co-own the Canadian cannabis brand Houseplant with Canopy Growth. 


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