12 Seth Rogen Weed Quotes from His Jimmy Kimmel Interview

Seth Rogen to Jimmy Kimmel: "I smoke weed all day, everyday. It is 100% intrinsic to my functionality and my life." (Image via CelebStoner)

Seth Rogen has no upcoming film projects, according to iMDB. His last movie, An American Pickle in 2020, was kind of sour. After years of producing stoner comedies with his business partner Evan Goldberg, the well has run dry.

So Rogen and Goldberg have become weed entrepreneurs (weed is Rogen's favorite slang for marijuana or cannabis). During the Covid pandemic, Rogen turned to ceramics and spinning out ashtrays, which he's now selling along with lighters and - oh, yes - weed.

It's a strange turn of events. Their cannabis brand Houseplant already had a deal with Canopy Growth and an office in Toronto (Rogen and Goldberg both hail from Vancouver). Now Houseplant is making inroads in California. Flower sales begin this week via the delivery app Amuse.

Rogen brought his medicine show to Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 8, as he seeks publicity for their new products.

I don't think I've ever seen a late-night host do two segments with a guest strictly about weed. (OK, maybe Cheech & Chong when they reunited on The Tonight Show in 2003.)

Kimmel and Rogen's lengthy canna-chat produced some juicy morsels, including:

"I'm high all the time. I will keep smoking weed throughout the day to keep it going... I've never smoked a joint and had it be like that just didn't work. That would be terrible, like a 'Twilight Zone' episode." 

• To Megan Markel and Prince Harry: "If they want weed, hey, hit me up. They could use it."

• "A lot of mothers smoke weed."

• "Everything is an ashtray. Everything can be an ashtray."

"I lose my lighter all the time, more than anything. I steal other people's lighters just to lose them. If you have a lighter I will take it and make it vanish."


• "I smoke weed all day, everyday. It is 100% intrinsic to my functionality and my life."

• "I love ceramics. I can expreess myself through ceramics."

• "I like flowers. I think flowers are great."

"When we came up with 'Pineapple Express' years ago, it was just kind of like a joke and then it became a strain of weed after the film, but it was based on a weather system that hits the Pacific Northwest where we're from."

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• "We named all of strains based on weather systems. There's Pancake Ice, Diablo Wind and Pink Moon, our indica. Pink Moon is a meteorlogical event. It has a night-time energy/vibe to it."

• "There was a point I was embarrased at how much thought I put into weed. But I've embraced it."

The convo ended with a story about when Rogen got too stoned on a weed lollipop at the Golden Globes. At an afterparty, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston asked if he was OK. "If I was alarming to Walter White," Rogen guffawed, "I must've been fucked up. I turned around and left."

Then Seth Rogen went home, smoked a joint and worked on his newest ashtray.

Watch the interview below.



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