Steve Bloom

My Potted History of High Times

The Nation has posted "A Potted History of High Times." Current and former staffers are interviewed for the story. Had The Nation asked me about my experiences working at High Times, this is what I would've told them.

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NYPD Gave Badass Bikers a Free Ride

It was like a scene out of "Mad Max" on Sept. 30 when a gang of motorcyclists terrorized a driver on New York's West Side Highway. Police were nowhere to be found. Or so it seemed...

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Wave Goodbye to the VW Bus

One of the most enduring symbols of the '60s counterculture, the Volkswagen Bus, will stop being manufactured by the end of the year. The German-born VW bus is built in Brazil.

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MPP's Top Potheads List Misfires

This list should have been titled "Famous People Who May or May Not Have Smoked Marijuana Sometime in Their Lives." It gets a lot of hype, but makes little sense.

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High Times Sues Over Cannabis Cup Brand

It's a historic weekend in the Pacific Northwest with three major marijuana events taking place from Bow to Portland. However, two of them are promoting Cannabis Cups, and High Times doesn't like that.

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