25 Not-to-Miss Cannabis and Psychedelics Panels at SXSW 2022

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I'm a SXSX OG.

I started going to Ausin in March when it was just a music festival. Representing High Times - I was music editor - I attended every year from 1994-2007, the year I left High Times. I have not been back since.

Over the last 15 years South by Southwest has become a popular destination for the music, film and tech industries (the event expanded to over topics over the years). By 2007, I just went for the fillm fest; the music events had become too crowded and hard to get in. Now, SXSW is owned by media giant, Penske.

"There's more cannabis and psychedelics activity than ever at SXSW, which runs this year from March 11-20."

High Times was among the day partiers back in the '90s and '00s. Every year we'd book one of the hot clubs on E. 6th St. or Red River Rd. and hold an all-day party featuring bands (Sublime, Robert Walter, Bushwick Bill, J. Mascis to name a few), sponsors and lots of weed. It was the place to be for industry stoners as well as local advocates during SXSW. 

High Times no longer stages parties at SXSW as far as I know. They should. There's more cannabis and psychedelics activity than ever at SXSW, which runs this year from March 11-20.

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In addition to concerts and movie screenings, SXSW is known or its extensive lineup of panel discussions and speakers. Here are the cannabis panels and screenings:

• Post Pot Legalization: The God, Bad and the Ugly, 3/12, 2:30 pm, with Doug Berman, U.S. Rep. Nancy Mace and Vikrant Reddy

• "The Sentence of Michael Thompson"; 3/13, 3/14 and 3/17 screenings

• Puff, Puff, Pass: Equity in Cannabis Legislation, 3/13, 2:30 pm, with Janessa Bailey

Combating the Censorship Crisis, 3/13, 2:30 pm, with Juanjo Feijoo, Javier Hasse and Ronit Pinto

• Coffee Break, 3/14-15, 9 am, sponsored by Weedmaps

• From Legacy to Legal Cannabis: How and Why?, 3/14, 10 am, with Vlad Bautista, Steve DeAngelo, Christine De La Rosa and Rico Lamitte

• Investing in the Growth of the Cannabis Industry, 3/14, 11:30 pm, with Matthew Nordgren

• Nationwide Cannabis Legalization: Are You Ready?, 3/14, 11:30 am, with Vivien Azar, David Culver, John Kagia and Darren Weiss

• Rewriting Cannabis Drug Testing Policies, 3/14, 11:30 am, with Chris Beals, Rich Kleiman and Shayda Torabi

• Maximizing Small Business Engagement in Cannabis, 3/15, 10 am, with Christopher Dell'Olio, Julia Germaine, Mikaela McLaughlin and Socrates Rosenfeld

• Sue 'n the DEA: Breaking the 50-Year NIDA Monopoly, 3/15, 10 am, with Shane Pennington, Dr. Sue Sisley and Matthew Zorn

• The Future of Cannabis Consumption and Hospitality, 3/15, 11:30 am, with Rachel Burkons, Chris Sayegh and Andrew Ward

• Cannabis vs. the Opioid Crisis, 3/15, 11:30 am, with Ricardo Baca

Cannabis: The Next Frontier in CPG, 3/15, 2:30 pm, with Valda Coryat, Kate Lynch, Cristin Rudolph and Cy Scott

• Offsetting Cannabis' Sustainability Crisis, 3/15, 2:30, with Graham Farrar

Diversity Drives Profit: Investing in Cannabis, 3/15, 4 pm, with Christine De La Rosa, Christina Hollenback, Frederika McCLary Easley and Kelly Perez

Technology: The Key to Growing the Cannabis Industry, 3/15, 4 pm, with Chris Beals and Colin Landforce

The Cannabis Futurists: 5 Predictions for 2050, 3/16, 11:30 am, with Julian Cohen, Javier Hasse and Faith Popcorn

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Here are the psychedelics panels and meetups: 

Judaism and Psychedelics, 3/14, 10 am, with Madison Margolin

 The Soul in Psychedelics Meetup, 3/14, 11:30 am, with Sheila Newsom

• Psychedelic Meetup, 3/14, 2:30 pm, with Natalie Lyla Ginsberg and Fede Menapace

• The Ethics of Mainstreaming Psychedelics, 3/15, 11:30 am, with Ismail Ali, Shelby Hartman, Sutton King and Bennet Zelner

• Psychedelics: Has Nature Given Us All We Need?, 3/15, 2:30 pm, with Dr. Julie Holland, John McCorvy, Dr. Charles Nichols and Tim Schildt

Psychedelics for Therapeutics and Well Being, 3/15, 4 pm, with Tim Ferriss, Roland Griffiths, Dr. John Krystal and Dr. Rosalind Watts

• End in Mind: Future of Psychedelics in End of Life, 3/16, 10 am, with Dr. Mellody Hayes, Dr. Julie Holland, Andrew Penn and Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider

• Trip Planning: Psychedelics and Digital Therapies, 3/16, 11:30 am, with Nick Allen, Kate Niederhoffer, Danielle Schlosser and Arvind Tewari

The Psychedelic Investment Opportunity, 3/16, 2:30 pm, with Debra Borchardt, Daniel Goldberg, Ronan Levy and Gregg Peterson

• Have a Nice Trip: The Rise of Psychedelic Tourism, 3/16, 4 pm, with Douglas Gordon, Joe Mcdonnell, Natan Ponieman and Amanda Siebert

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