Lining Up for Legal Weed in Connecticut: CelebStoner Goes to Fine Fettle Dispensary

From the inside of Fine Fettle in Stamford to the line outside (CelebStoner photos)

I've now purchased legal marijuana for adult or recreational use in four Northeast states* after yesterday's visit to Fine Fettle Dispensary in Stamford, Connecticut on the second day of AU sales in the Nutmeg State.

It wasn't particularly crowded at the shop located in an industrial part of town, but that was fine with the store manager who was psyched by the opening. "We never thought this was going to happen," she crowed.

Fine Fettle has been in Stamford for less than a year. Three of the company's Connecticut shops - in Newington, Willimantic and Stamford - are among the seven (see below) selected to sell to both patients and general consumers, known as hybrid dispensaries. The Connecticut-owned Fine Fettle also has two stores in Massachusetts and plans to open the first AU-only location in their home state in February.

Flower for the Stamford store is provided by Advanced Grow Labs, CTPharma, Curaleaf and Theraplant. Eighth prices range from $45-$60. Due to low supply only a quarter ounce can be purchased by each customer at a time. Orders are made online with pickup times scheduled.

We drove up from The Bronx, about 45 minutes northeast on I-95. Traffic was minimal.

CTPharma’s Purpalex and Theraplant’s Zonbrid purchased legally available at Fine Fettle in Stamford, CT (CelebStoner photos)

We orderd two eighths of flower - CTPharma's Purpalex hybrid ($55) and Theraplant's Zombrid hybrid ($45). Since both have 31% THC, our bill tacked on a $12.14 "Plant Material Potency Tax" charge. Add the $3 "Municipal Cannabis Tax" and the $6.25 "State Sales and Use Tax Rec: Cannabis" and the total was $121.49. Since we werre paying cash, that was reduced to $121. There are no taxes on purchases of medical cannabis products and patients receive priority.

Also on the menu: vape carts from Advanced Grow Labs and CTPharma ($50-$100), prerolls from CTPharma and Curaleaf ($20-$35) and gummies from RSO Gummies ($35-$40).

Connecticut does not allow strain names like Trainwreck and Gelato to be used. However, there is a handly strain finder. Purpalex is Grand Daddy Purple and Zombrid is Green Ghost. A few more examples: Hybridol FG is Apple Fritter, Indicol QR is Jungle Juice and Fantadex is Tangilope.

Tom Martin outside the Fine Fettle in Stamford, CT and CelebStoner publisher Steve Bloom inside (CelebStoner photos)

After our half-hour visit, Tom and I sampled the freshly-acquired flower. It takes a lot to impress Tom and despite both strains being loaded with THC, he shrugged and said he'll go back when they offer concentrates. However, he did like the purple smell. 

For me, they were serviceable. It's hard to buy flower without looking at or smelling it. While the mid-grade lacks flavor, the purple has a nice kick. 

This is the new face of legal cannabis. Order online. Pick up. Not much interaction. Take home. Enjoy. 

Still, I'm happy to see legal weed stores in the Northeast. It's what we fought for. Let's support them. 

"This is the new face of legal cannabis. Order online. Pick up. Not much interaction. Take home. Enjoy."


The Seven AU/Medical Stores in Connecticut

• Affinity in New Haven

• RISE in Branford

• Fine Fettle Dispensary in Newington, Stamford and Willimantic

• The Botanist in Montville

• Zen Leaf in Meriden


* The Other States

• Massachusetts

• New Jersey

New York


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