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Steve Bloom

New York Times Mangles Dab Coverage

Has "plain old pot lost its edge?" That's what the recent New York Times article, "Chasing Bigger Highs, Marijuana Users Turn to 'Dabbing'," contends.

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Bill Maher Finally Appears on the Cover of High Times

Well, not quite. On "Real Time," Bill Maher compared National Review's "Against Trump" cover to if High Times put him on their cover with the headline, "Against Maher." His point is the Republicans are bailing on Donald Trump.

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'Just Say No' Nancy Reagan: Death of a Drug Warrior

By the end of the '70s, it appeared that marijuana decriminalization would become the law of the land. But then came Ronald and Nancy Reagan, and their "Just Say No" anti-drug doctrine. Largely thanks to them, 35 years later, very little has changed on the federal level.

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Frank Sinatra Was Not a Stoner

While the world celebrates Frank Sinatra's 100th birthday (Dec 12), it begs the question: Did Ol' Blue Eyes ever smoke the green? When he really had the chance during the marriage to his pot-smoking wife Mia Farrow in the '60s, Sinatra reportedly preferred to get drunk instead.

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Stone Temple Pilots: An Appreciation

Underrated and at times disrespected, Stone Temple Pilots produced some of the most enduring music of the grunge era. It was hard for STP to compete with the Seattle quartet of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains. But they did, and their first three albums are among the best work of the '90s.

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