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Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong Calls Donald Trump an Asshole

Tommy Chong is preparing for cancer surgery at the end off the month. At the Las Vegas Hempfest on Oct. 3, he joked, "The Republican Party and Tommy Chong have one thing in common: We're both having problems with assholes. I've got a tumor and the Republican Party has Trump."

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A Special Labor Day Message from Tommy Chong

I see Hillary in the White House and I see Bernie as Vice President and I see an Obama executive order changing pot to Schedule II and I see him pardoning all the drug offenders, myself included.

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Tommy Chong: 'The Cancer Came Back'

In June 2012, Tommy Chong revealed he was suffering from prostate cancer. Less than a year later, the pot comic reported that he'd kicked the disease with the help of various therapies, including hemp oil. Now, two years hence, Chong says he has rectal cancer.

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Tommy Chong on 'DWTS': No Throwing Pot Kisses

Top CelebStoner Tommy Chong on his incredible three-month run on "Dancing With the Stars": "I proved to myself and the world that a 76-year-old stoner could hang with the best of them."

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Tommy Chong: Let's Move On

A comment in an interview in the Denver Post, which stated, "It's time to get away from Cheech & Chong propaganda," prompted us to ask Tommy Chong what he thinks.

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