Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler holds a Cann soda and Garden Society chocolates: "Most of us aren’t looking to be in a corner freaking out. We want everybody to be just a little bit more tolerable."

Known best for her talk-show Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler isn't a newcomer to cannabis. 

In 2017, the comedian said she was "really anti-drugs growing up. Then I tried [pot]. We couldn't stop laughing. I smoked a lot of pot and did a lot of acid in my senior year. I took my SATs on acid… I like drugs. I think they're good for the imagination. I think they're good for the thought process.

"I never thought I had a drug problem," Handler added, but admited she may be a functional alcoholic. After all, Handler wrote the book Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea.

In fact, she's a bestselling author many times over, from 2005's My Horizontal Life:A Collection of  One-Night Stands to 2019's Life Will Be the Death of Me... And You Too!

In 2019, Handler told Seth Meyers: "I like marijuana now. I've always liked to drink. I've never really been a pothead, but now that it's legal - because I'm such a rule follower - I got my medical marijuana card. So I brought edibles and we took them. They were strong, like hallucinogenic."

Handler loves to vape. "Now there is the vape component," she said. "It makes a difference. It’s a game-changer. You can take a little hit. You don’t have to be high; you can just take the edge off, which I think is what most of us are after. Most of us aren’t looking to be in a corner freaking out. We want everybody to be just a little bit more tolerable."

Also that year, Handler and NorCal Cannabis announced a brand collaboration, but products have yet to be released. She's been associated with Civilized and Cannadescent as well.

"You have a hit of a joint. You don’t have to have the whole joint.”

Handler made news in January 2020 when she anounced cannabis kits bearing her name would be available at several Califiornia pot shops (The Apothecarium in th Bay Area and Sweet Flower on Los Angeles) leading up to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' inauguration. The $85 kits included prerolls courtesy of Pure Beauty, infused Spiced Dark Chocolate from Garden Society, an infused Cann soda and a mask. Proceeds were earmarked for Cage-Free Cannabis

Chelsea Handler’s Cannabis Kit, $85; available at The Apothecarium and Sweet Flower.

“I used to be a drinker,” Handler told WWD. “I used to drink and not be into cannabis and then after the election in 2016, I just couldn’t - anger and alcohol are not a good match. I had to pivot when I realized I had to deal with him being the president for four years.”

Marijuana helped, in small doses. "You have a hit of a joint," Handler explained in all seroiussness. "You don’t have to have the whole joint.”

Born on Feb. 25, 1975 in Livingston, New Jersey, Handler moved to L.A. when she was 19 to be an actress. A number of TV roles brought her to the attention of E!, who booked her to host Chelsea Lately from 2007-2014. She followed that with the Netflix series Chelsea Does and talk-show Chelsea in 2016.

Handler lives in the posh Bel Air area of Los Angeles. She is not married.


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