Former Kottonmouth King, Pakelika, loved to "vape" (photo by Bob Berg)

Little was known about Pakelika, the mysterious masked mute man who roamed the stage dancing robotically with the Kottonmouth Kings from 1995-2010. After leaving the group, Pakelika embarked on a solo career. Sadly, he passed away on Aug. 11, 2012.

The group's former "Visual Assassin" delivered messages to the audience with placards, not spoken words. He smoked as much or more weed on stage than Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill. Pak did his live toking with a vaporizer, a first in the music world.

In Pot Culture, Pak explained "Why I Love to Vape": "First off, it's the cleanest high. It's healthier than smoking. When you smoke, you burn the plant and the THC. When you vape, the plant isn't burned and you benefit by getting the most THC possible."

Pakelika (nee Patrick Cochrun) was born on Oct. 15, 1968 in Portsmouth, Virginia and grew up in Oxnard, Califiornia. A giant among men, he stood 6-foot-7. Pakelika called his popping robotic dance stye "hydro mechanix." He released his own solo album, Another Cult Classic, and appeared on DisFunction III, before joining the SoCal hip-hop group, the Kottonmouth Kings

In 2010, Pakelika and the band parted ways. He explained in his blog at CelebStoner: "I enjoyed the 13 years I helped build and establish Kottonmouth Kings and am disappointed the fans aren't getting the real KMK shows. But it wasn't by my choice. I love the fans and the support they have been showing me. I will be performing again live, but more than likely it will be with the M.C.C. (Middle Class Casualties)."

A life-long asthmatic, Pakelika suffered a seizure that led to cardiac arrest. He was 43.

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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