Movie: 'Nectarball: The Story of Cannabis'

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CelebStoner's Best Documentary of 2023 – Nectarball: The Story of Cannabis – is free to watch online from December 21-January 1.

Directed and produced by Patty Mooney and Mark Schulze, the 82-minute movie focuses on California post-legalization. According to the press release, "Schulze and Mooney traveled the world for seven years interviewing cannabis luminaries Tommy Chong, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, cannabis nurses, cannabis farmers and dozens more from all walks of life about the history, impact andn applications of the cannabis plant."

Chong is joined by more than 50 canna-experts, including John Salley, Ed Rosenthal, Dan Herer, Keiko Beatie, Steve DeAngelo, Jeff Jones, Heather Sobel, Heidi Groshelle, Martin Leffer and Nikki Lastreto.

Why the title? Schulze tells CelebStoner:

"Nectarball is the name I gave the buds I grew back in the mid-'70s and describes what back then were the round female buds most people. including Cheech and Chong, had not seen much before."

To obtain a free link and password to see Nectarball: The Story of Cannabis, visit the website and enter your email address on the pop-up box for the Nectarball Substack blog-newsletter. You’ll receive a notice with a link and password via email.

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