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2 Chainz vs. Nancy Grace

In a segment on her HLN show, Nancy Grace baits rapper 2 Chainz with loaded marijuana questions, but then agrees with him that police perhaps should have better things to do than to bust him for a joint.

Grace: I don't know what you're saying about freeing up taxpayers' money. What's that?

2 Chains: I'm a taxpayer. My bus gets pulled over and they say they smell weed like they do all the time. They find .01 of residue in my bus. They lock me up, they strip me. Then they find out I'm a rapper and they want to know how fine is Nicki Minaj, they want to take pictures. They charge me with .01, I go to court, I go to trial. They drop my case and they pick it up on my security who beats the case. If that's not a waste of taxpayers' time and money I don't know what is.

Grace: 'I'm not disagreeing with you that that was a big big to-do about finding one joint.'

2 Chainz: It wasn't even a joint. Complete waste of my money and time… If you legalize this particular drug it could cut out some things in the criminal justice system as far as the overcrowding of prisons, as far as putting this on our criminal records to prevent us from getting loans, prevent us from getting homes. Just the whole thing around recreational weed is not making any sense to me. We're in a deficit right now. We've got to find ways to get out. If we've got half of the states legalizing pot, that frees up taxpayers' money, that allows us to do something with those extra funds from fixing everything from a pothole in the street to a stadium.

2 Chainz (née Tauheed Epps) was referring to his mariuna arrest in Maryland in 2013.

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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