Stuckey & Murray - 'Sooo High'

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Stuckey & Murray
John Murray and Andy Stuckey are ’Sooo High’

The comedy duo Stuckey & Murray are joined by Saturday Night Live alumnus Dean Edwards on "Sooo High" - a Blaxploitation-themed, offbeat number "for all you people getting stoned."

The track starts with a bong hit. A deep voice implores, "Yeah, smoke that shit, man up, ha ha hah." In contrast, a falsetto chorus shifts to the high-pitched main theme.

We can play that trippy shit / For all you people getting' stoned / And you're kinda freakin' out / It's too bad you're not alone

The next section is heady, full of fades and echo. Edwards mimics Jay-Z ("Brooklyn, we in the building"), then it's back to the peppy theme…

We can play that trippy shit / For all you stoner girls and guys / And you're kinda freaking out / 'Cause you're really really high

Guitarists Andy Stuckey and John Murray got their starts as NBC pages. They teamed up in 2001, and have recorded two albums and numerous video clips since. Stuckey also directs MTV's Guy Code and Girl Code. Edwards was a regular on SNL from 2001-2003.

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