Ashley Monroe - 'Weed Instead of Roses'

Ashley Monroe
Country singer Ashley Monroe wants ’Weed Instead of Roses’ - ’that’d be much better,’ she says

Ashley Monroe takes country to a new high with her honky tonk tune, "Weed Instead of Roses.” "Yeah, give me weed instead of roses," she sings with a smile. "That'd be much better."

Monroe, co-writer of the song, is sick and tired of going unnoticed in the bedroom. Her solution? Spice things up with "weed instead of roses and let's see where it goes."

She also prefers whiskey to wine. "Every puff, every shot, you're looking better all the time," warbles Monroe, who's 26 and from Knoxville.

In a promotional video about the making of her second album, Like a Rose - produced by Vince Gill and distributed by Warner Bros. Nashville - Monroe explained: "We wrote this and somehow it got on one of the compilations to Vince, and Vince said he wouldn't do the record unless we cut it."

"It just cracked me up," Gill noted. "I heard it and said, 'This is what we need. We need a sense of humor out there.' I just adore this song."

Patrick Hall contributed to this review.


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