Kacey Musgraves - 'Follow Your Arrow'

Alternative country artist Kacey Musgraves likes to sing about marijuana. Her latest single, "Follow Your Arrow," includes the line, "Roll up a joint, I would."

What's particularly interesting about the song, which appears on Same Trailer, Different Park, is that the first two choruses go, "Roll up a joint, or don't," and then, on the final chorus, the Texas-born singer switches to "Roll up a joint, I would."

On "Merry Go Round," Musgraves refers to her brother who's addicted to pot. Also, on her underground tribute to folk singer John Prine (titled "John Prine"), she sings, "My idea of heaven is to burn one with John Prine," who wrote the marijuana classic, "Illegal Smile."

Patrick Hall

Patrick Hall

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