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Just a few weeks ago, Florida Georgia Line dropped their sophomore album, Anything Goes, which includes "Sun Daze," the country duo's current single and High Tune.

The album version of "Sun Daze" features the following lyrics:

All I wanna do today is wear my favorite shades and get stoned
Work a little less, play a little more
That's what this day is for
And all I wanna do is lace my J's and lace some Jack in my Coke.
Work on my laid back, ain't nothin' wrong
With gettin' my sun daze on, gettin' my sun daze on.

#FGL420: Brian Kelley fake tokes as Tyler Hubbard looks on.

Note that the radio version (listen above) edits out some of these lyrics. 'Stoned'' is replaced with ''stay home.," which is odd because Eric Church's "Smoke a Little Smoke" and Kacey Musgraves "Follow Your Arrow" both reference marijuana and were very successful at country radio, without being edited. "Sun Daze" also mentions turning on "some Marley."

However, the pool-party video above is not edited.

During a recent interview with Billboard while in Denver the topic of marijuana came up when talking about the song. "I was waiting for a 'Sun Daze' question," Brian Kelley noted. There was a small metal pipe on a counter in Tyler Hubbard's tour bus, which smelled like weed, so the question was raised: Do you guys smoke? "Yeah. Oh, yes," said Hubbard, as Kelly laughed and a publicist tried to stop them. Later that evening while on stage, before introducing 'Sun Daze,' Hubbard shouted, "We got any weed smokers in the house tonight?"

Florida Georgia Line are slowly starting to become the Nickelback of country music. "Sun Daze," with its digitally processed beat and island feel, has received negative reviews from critics. Giving it a rating of "two guns down," Saving Country Music writes that "Bob Marley would shoot himself in the face if he heard this. And the descent of country music registers yet another low-water mark."

FGL by the way, also wrote Jason Aldean's latest hit, "Burning It Down."

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