Dirty Heads - 'My Sweet Summer'

Dirty Heads' breakup song, "My Sweet Summer," is about a woman who leaves a guy literally high and dry.

Yeah she left in the morning, gone without warning.
Fun while it lasted, lost in the moment.
She played me real good, took me for a ride,
Now she's off on an airplane, back to real life.
Yeah she dipped out,
Smoked all my weed then she flipped out.
Left in my slumber, waited 'til I passed out.
And on my dresser was a paper and her number,
I filled up with grass and I burned it, for summer.

It's on Dirty Heads' album Sound of Change. Rapper Dirty J Watson and singer/guitarist Dustin Bushnell front the SoCal group, who also had a hit with "Lay Me Down" in 2010. 

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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