Afroman - 'Because I Got High' (Two Versions)

Afroman with his much larger 2014 afro and a blunt.

Afroman teamed up with Weedmaps and NORML to produce a reboot of his 2001 hit song, "Because I Got High." This version has new lyrics, a promotional message and a fun video.

Here are some of the new lyrics:

Anxiety attacks, but then I got high
I used to take Xanax, but then I got high
No more prescription pills and I know why
Because I got high

I can navigate with Weedmaps and I know why
It's legalized

Here's the original with its less "positive" lyrics:

"Becasue I Got High" peaked at No. 13 on the charts and was the theme song for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. The film's director Kevin Smith shot the above video.


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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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