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Mod Sun - '1970'

Hippie-hop rapper Mod Sun goes back 44 years to "1970" for his inspiration for this stony song and video, set in San Francisco and Venice Beach, not far from where the Minnesota native moved to last year.

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Dirty Heads - 'My Sweet Summer'

Dirty Heads' catchy breakup song, "My Sweet Summer," about a woman who leaves a guy literally high and dry, is getting radio airplay. "She dipped out," Dirty J raps. "Smoked all my weed then she flipped out."

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Macy Gray - 'Stoned'

Macy Gray pays tribute to her favorite CelebStoners on this track from her upcoming album. "Stoned" features a gallery that includes Bob Marley, Willie Nelson, Cheech & Chong, Snoop Dogg and the Rat Pack.

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Wiz Khalifa's Stoner Bowl Playlist

According to Wiz Khalifa's publicist, the rapper "has put together a Spotify playlist for those who plan to partake while watching Sunday’s game," Super Bowl XLVIII.

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Lady Gaga - 'Mary Jane Holland'

Lady Gaga's much anticipated album "Artpop" features the track "Mary Jane Holland." "I think we'd have a good time," she sings, "if you meet me and Mary Jane in Holland tonight."

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