Hip-Hop / R&B

Danny Brown - 'Smokin & Drinkin'

Produced by A-Trak and JMIKE, Danny Brown's 'Smokin & Drinkin' is from his latest album, 'Old.' This energetic beat chronicles Brown's appetite for partying hard and puffing "blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt."

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Rihanna - 'Pour It Up'

This super sexy video for "Pour It Up" from Rihanna features her smoking a blunt at the three-minute mark. The dance track is off the ganja-obsessed singer's "Unapologetic" album.

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Daft Punk - 'Get Lucky'

French techno rockers Daft Punk have a huge hit with their disco throwback, "Get Lucky," featuring Pharrell Williams. It's about partying "all night to get lucky."

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Lil Wayne - 'No Worries'

Lil Wayne pays homage to Hunter S. Thompson’s "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" in his video for "No Worries." Who knew Dr. Gonzo resonated in hip-hop?

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Wiz Khalifa - 'Stu'

Mixtape favorite "Stu" features Wiz Khalifa smoking a blunt while sitting in front of a large blow-ups of a live marijuana plants and buds.

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