CelebStoner Video Premiere: Raul Midon's 'The Ganja Song'

Pop-jazz singer-guitarist Raul Midón likes weed so much he penned "The Ganja Song" for his new album, Lost & Found, available April 26. It's Midón's 12th album released since 1999.

"I love ganja, especially after a long day," he tells Celebstoner, where he chose to premiere the video. "It eases me into that blissful state of dreaming, which is an essential element of my creative process. Used in the right way, at the right time, the flower can nudge open the prison gate of quotidian consciousness making way for beautiful, poetic non-sequiturs."

On a political note, Midón adds:

"The legalization of cannabis on a state-by-state basis is a step in the right direction. However, the federal legalization of the flower for medical and recreational use is what’s needed. The history of the treatment of marijuana is rife with racism and prejudice. It’s about time for a change."



Raul Midon on cannabis: "It’s an essential element of my creative process."

I just took a hit
Now I'm writing a song

What some people say about marijuana
Don't you know that they're wrong?

All you ganja people all over the world
You've gotta stay strong

'Cause I'm not gonna lie
I'm gettin' high
And now I'm writing a song

There would vibe now rock n roll music
If it wasn't for weed
Forget about your rock steady reggae
Without the good seed

Gummies of indica or sativa
Very good indeed

I'm touching the moon
And it's just pas noon
I'm writin' a tune about weed

Feeling old and tired and set in my ways
Then I get inspired
Give myself a raise

Spending all my daze
In a mystical haze

I'm not one to pretend
That I know what you should do
It may be marijuana's
Not the potion for you

But I can tell you that
For me I know one thing is true
I'm having a blast
And I'm done with he past
And the ganja is getting me through



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