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From 'High Times' to 'Medication': Damian Marley's Big Week

It's been a big week for Damian Marley, Bob Marley's youngest son, who purchased an ownership stake of High Times. Here's his newest song, "Medication," featuring Stephen Marley, from his upcoming album, Stony Hill.

Medication, your medication makes me high

Just be patient, I'm like a patient trying to find

Last year, Marley bought an interest in Stony Hill by Tru Cannabis, a ganja store in Colorado. It's named for where he grew up in Jamaica. Marley also announced in 2016 that he would be converting a California prison in Coalinga into a cultivation facility.

Damian Marley (Photo by Brian Jahn)

Marley Natural, the Marley family's marijuana product line available in legal states, is separate from Damian Marley's enterprises in the cannabis industry.

Julian Marley has his own line of ganja products, including the Juju Royal vape pen, as well

Damian and Julian got their starts as members of Ghetto Youths International, a Marley family project for the younger brothers and family members. Damian, who sings in a dancehall style, has since gone on to be a major reggae star.

Stony Hill, Damian's first solo album since the Grammy-winning Welcome to Jamrock in 2005, will be released on July 21.

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