High Tune: Protoje's 'A Vibe' Ft. Wiz Khalifa

Reggae artist Protoje (nee Oje Ollivierre) has teamed up with Wiz Khalifa on the ganja-inspired song, "A Vibe."

"When I first did this song, I honestly knew that I would not have put it out without Wiz being on it," notes Protoje. "I was a super fan of his Kush & Orange Juice mixtape. From then, I always wanted to sing a song about marijuana and how it helps maintain my mood at times.”

"A Vibe" is on Protoge's upcoming album In Search of Lost Timewhich also includes "Weed & Ting."

Protoje received a 2018 Grammy nomination in the Best Reggae Album category for A Matter of Time.

Proteje pleads on ’A Vibe": "Please don’t you kill my high."

"A Vibe" Lyrics


Roll up a spliff and send it straight to my head
Smoke mi marijuana until my eyes turn red,
And try to catch a vibe
Sweet, sweet vibe
So please don't you kill my high


So I roll up, no seeds
Sativa gets me so lit
Then I inhale and exhale
Try to let go of my shit

Wiz Rap

I got a joint, you got a lighter, let's roll one
And we ain't smoking no half, we want the whole one 

You ain't always gotta pay, I'll let you hold one
Some people say you shouldn't cough, but that's no fun

Hit it, it taste terrific
KK, it's that's specific
Don't take too many puffs
It's off the tree if you ain't pitching
Some people get into game just to get 'em richer
I really love trees, so roll the next one bigger


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