The Yutes and Curren$y Fuse Reggae and Hip-Hop on 'High Grade'

The hot new weed song of 2021 is the Yutes' "High Grade." Jamaican brothers Chris and Santris Palmer (their father is dancehall star Mr. Lexxx, nee Christopher Palmer) are joined by hip-hop favorite Curren$y on this catchy ganja-themed track (listen above). 


A Sampling of the Lyrics

I'm high as a space ship

But wherever it takes me 

My mind never racing

Tell 'em  to freee it

Tell 'em no cease it

The people dem need it

It's feeling amazing

It takes you some places

We're smoking high grade

We got so much more...

Tell 'em to legalize it soon


Curren$y's Rap

So much is hauled in the U-Haul truck

Gotta have a half a pound to roll up

Twenty joints a day ain't enough...

I got some in my suitcase

I got a meal 'cause I signed my name

The rap game, dope game all the same...

Outside smoking on my own strains

My n**** you gotta own things

The Yutes (Jamaican slang for youths) broke out with "Bring It Back" in 2020. They clearly have another hit with "High Grade."


"High Grade" Songs in Reggae

"High Grade" is a popular song title among reggae artists. Capelton, Richie Spice, Crown Head, Prince Levy, Tony Curtis, Zamunda, Conkarah and Lutan Fire/Jah Mason/Spectacular all have songs with that title. Most refer to marijuana, like this one


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