CelebStoner Exclusive: 'Light It Up' by Roots of Creation

Known throughout the Northeast, Roots of Creation is a classic rally band. Since 2004, they've played the Boston Freedom Rally twice; Harry Brown's Farm in Starks, Maine; Extravaganja in Amherst, Massachuetts; and the Marleys' Kaya Fest, among their many cannabis-reform activities, including support for Marijuana Policy Project and NORML.

Kaya Fest was a good fit for ROC's reggae style. During Covid, band members spread around from New Hamphire to New Jersey performed virtually and came up with "Light It Up." They liked it so much they made a smokin' video set at Harry Brown's Farm, the home of numerous marijuana events over the years.

“The chorus came from my friend and I smoking a joint together after a long tour and freestylin' to a beat, trying to channel my inner Nate Dogg," singer-guitarist Brett Wilson tells CelebStoner.

If ya wanna get lit with us

If ya wanna shoot the shit with us

Say yeah!

Wilson, Tal Pearson on bass and keys and Andrew Riordan on sax and drum programming comprise Roots of Creation. Guests on "Light It Up" include Mighty Mystic on vocals, Andy “AG” Geib (Slightly Stoopid) on trumpet, Billy Kottage (formerly with Reel Big Fish) on trombone and Alex Brander (Big D & The Kids Table) on percussion. Jeff Pliskin directed the video for Raised Fist Propaganda.

"It amazes me how it all came together," Wilson adds. "Our team crushed the music, Mystic killed two verses and the visuals are on fire. Jeff was able to capture my vision and make it come to life at Harry Brown's Farm.” 

Roots of Creation’s Brett Wilson (right in photo) with Mighty Mystic (photo by Blake Hanson for Board House Productions)

Jodie Stebbens from the Farm explains:

"When the opportunity to have Mighty Mystic and Roots of Creation shoot a video during 2020, a year when people could not come to shows, we knew it was the right thing to do. Firebenders, artists, dancers, the community came together to help in any way they could."

Pearson notes:

"It’s supposed to be an upbeat party song that makes you want to spark one up with your friends or at a show with other people - when it’s safe again. I look forward to when we can play this live and feel the vibe with the audience.”

"Light It Up" is the first track from ROC's next album, Dub Free or Die Vol. 1, due out this spring.

Their last album, Grateful Dub, in 2018, was for Deadheads. "Light It Up" is for stoners. 

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