Left Lane Cruiser - 'Dirty Spliff Blues'

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(Left to right) Left Lane Cruiser’s Joe Bent, Freddy J IV and Pete Dio.

For the band Left Lane Cruiser, a dirty spliff is a mix of hash and tobacco or weed and tobacco. It's also the inspiration for the title track of their latest album on Alive Naturalsound.

The hard-rockin' Fort Wayne, Indiana trio consists of slide guitarist and lead vocalist Joe Evans (aka Freddy J IV), Joe Bent on bass and skateboard (yes, he uses his skateboard as an instrument), and with Pete Dio on drums.

Evans tells CelebStoner: "The first verse is painting the picture of being on the flight to Europe with no weed in our possession. THC levels are dangerously low. The song is basically a cry for help. Do not marry the marijuana with the dirty, brown tobacco. That's the 'Dirty Spliff Blues'."

Y'all stuff over here tastes like trash
Back home we like our weed green like our cash
You know, some Grapefruit, Sour Diesel and Headband
Makes the time go by while we're stuck in our van

"Let's free the people who spend most of their lives in jail for only smoking and possessing an herb," Evans adds. "Let's free our crippled economy with a brand new billion-dollar industry. The benefits of marijuana are infinite."

The album art for Dirty Spliff Blues - a burnt-out scarecrow smoking a hog-leg size joint protecting a large marijuana field playing a Resonator guitar - was created by William Stout. 

The "Dirty Spliff Blues" single is out today. The album is due out June 15 and is currently available for pre-order on iTunes

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