Women of Weed: 20 Green Queens

Alison Holcomb at Cannabis City in Seattle the day marijuana sales became legal in Washington State in July.

Women are having a greater influence in marijuana reform and business than ever before. We've combined lists created by Marie Claire and Canna Law Blog, added a few of our favorites, and and came up with 20 leading ladies of weed (in alphabetical order).

• Betty Aldworth left her job as deputy director of the NCIA to become executice director of SSDPShe lives in Denver.

Valerie Corral runs the Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana, a cannabis-growing collective in Santa Cruz, and is on NORML's advisory board.

• Noelle Crombie covers the marijuana beat for The Oregonian.

Jodie Emery is best known as wife of Canadian activist Marc Emery. She's currently running to be the Liberal Party representative in Vancouver-East in British Columbia.

• Sabrina Fendrick founded the NORML Women's Alliance. She's curently NORML's director of strategic partnerships and lives in Denver.

• Diane Fornbacher publishes Ladybud.com and is on the board of NORML. She also lives in Colorado.

• Debby Goldsberry co-founded Berkeley Patients Group amd is now affilated with Magnolia Wellness in Oakland, where she lives.

• Diane Goldstein, a fomer Califiornia police officer, is on the exective board of LEAP.

 Alison Holcomb engineered the legalization victory in Washington State as campaign director of Initiative 502. She's the drug policy director of ACLU of Washington and is leading the ACLU's $50 million campaign focused on ending mass incarceration in America.

Wanda James is managing partner of the Cannabis Global Initiative and, with her husband, owns and operates Jezebel's Southern Bistro and Bar in Denver.

Dale Sky Jones is executive chancellor of Oaksterdam University. She was one of many activists who tried to get Prop 19 passed in California in 2010.

Ellen Komp is deputy director of California NORMl, publishes VeryImportantPotheads.com and Tokin Woman, and writes for CelebStoner.

Madeline Martinez wears multiple hats. She's on the board of NORML, is executive director of Oregon NORML and runs the Wolrld Famous Cannabis Cafe in Portland.

Genifer Murray is founder and CEO of Cannlabs. She's also based in Denver.

• Elvy Musikka, who suffers from glaucoma, is one of four people who receives a medical-marijuana prescriptiuon from the federal government. She lives in Oregon.

Mikki Norris wrote Shattered Lives: Portraits from America's Drug War, founded the Cannabis Consumers Campaign and edits theleafonline.com. She lives in the Bay Area.

• Amanda Reiman is marijuana law and policy manager at the DPA and chairs Berekely's Medical Commision. She also lives in the Bay Area.

• Steph Sherer is the longtime executive director of American for Safe Access, which is based in the Bay Area.

Jane West has made a name for herself in Denver with her Edible Events around town. She recenty co-founded Women Grow.

Taylor West is deputy director of the National Cannabis Industry Association based in Denver.

Who else is a "leading lady of weed"? Let us know.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

Publisher of CelebStoner.com, former editor of High Times and Freedom Leaf and co-author of Pot Culture and Reefer Movie Madness.