Ed Rosenthal: Grow Like a Pro
Ed Rosenthal: Grow Like a Pro

Born on the 20th of April

4/20 birthdays
Left to right: Stephen Marley, Carmen Elektra, Killer Mike and Smeagol (i.e., Andy Serkis)

Brandon Belt - Giants outfielder
John Carney - former NFL kicker
Veronica Cartwright - actress
Tina Cousins - pop singer
Mike Crawford - Boston marijuana activist
Chris Duffy - former Pirates outfielder
John Dvorak - hemp activist
Carmen Elektra - actress/model
Dale Gieringer - San Francisco marijuana activist
Crispin Glover - actor
Danny Granger - Pacers forward
Tyson Griffin - MMA fighter
Todd Hollandsworth - former MLB outfielder
Allan Houston - former Knicks guard
Clint Howard - actor
Miranda Kerr - model
Killer Mike - rapper
Jessica Lange - actress
Joey Lawrence - actor
Stephen Marley - reggae singer
Don Mattingly - Dodgers manager
Ryan O'Neal - actor
Mike Portnoy - rock drummer
Andy Serkis - actor
George Takai - actor
John Token (aka DJ Slim)
Steve Spurrier - former NFL quarterback
Justin Warfield - rock musician

Lionel Hampton - jazz musician
Beaver Harris - jazz musician
Tito Puente - salsa musician
Edie Sedgwick - model/actress
John Paul Stevens - former Supreme Court Justice
Johnny Tillotson - pop singer
Luther Vandross - R&B singer
Mikey Welsh - Weezer bassist


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Steve Bloom

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