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The Official 4/20 Event Guide (2013)

Arriving on a Saturday, Apr. 20, or 4/20, was huge this year. The stoner holiday featured rallies, concerts, judging contests, film openings and the Lebowski Fest.

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The Amanda Show: Burning with Bynes

Former child star Amanda Bynes likes to smoke pot in public. The actress was photographed on Apr. 8 puffing what appeared to be a joint as she walked in New York's Times Square.

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Joe Klein: Voice for Legalization

Journalist Joe Klein writes in his latest Time column: "I’m for legalizing marijuana. It is a relatively mild, non-addictive drug. It is simply illogical for alcohol to be legal and pot not."

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Tommy Chong: High on the Beatles

Tommy Chong wants to get high high high with Paul McCartney. He smoked pot with George Harrison and hung with John Lennon and Ringo Starr, but has yet to meet McCartney. "One day Paul, you and I are going to burn one," he predicts.

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Willie Nelson: Crazy About Gay Rights

During a week when public support for same-sex marriage grew exponentially as the Supreme Court heard a relevant case, Willie Nelson hopped on the gay-rights bandwagon.

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