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Strombo Says Free All Pot Prisoners

George Stroumboulopoulus
Strombo: ’It’s a mistake to throw people in jail for rolling a joint.’

CNN's newest rock star thinks it's time to clear prisons of marijuana offenders.

In a recent  interview with HuffPost Live, George Stroumboulopoul0s explained his position on pot: "If you're going to legalize it, that's fine, but then you've got to go into jail and get everybody who's in there on a weed charge, you've got to get them out. You need to let people out on the weed charge. I think it's a mistake to throw people in jail for rolling a joint. You've got to tackle traffickers, that's the biggest issue, right?… Now, especially here with the medical marijuana cards, everywhere I go I feel like I'm at a Steve Miller concert in the '80s."

Strombo, as he's known in his native Canada, added: "I don't rock the gang. I'm straight edge. I don't drink or do drugs." He debuts this Sunday at 10 pm ET with the news network's latest talk show.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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