MMJ Activists Arrested in DC

Wayward Bill
Colorado activist Wayward Bill being led away by the Feds at the Capitol on June 17. (Elkanah Grogan/

Wayward Bill (nee William Chenglis), the acting president of the U.S. Marijuana Party, was arrested in Washington, DC on June 17 during the Silver Tour's Capitol Hill visit. The Colorado activist was allegedly handing out medibles in the Congressional cafeteria. After a short stay in jail, Wayward Bill was released.

"He was giving out 'candies' in Longworth building," Silver Tour coordinator Bob Platshorn tells CelebStoner.

Wayward Bill posted at his Facebook page: "What happened too me the other day is all in a day's work. I always know the risks. I am also willing to take them. Afterall no one is free until we are all free."

Update: Wayward Bill paid a $50 fine on Aug. 2. He tells CelebStoner: "I mistook a wheel chair bound individual as part of (our) core group. It was a singular mistake."

Platshorn also explains that federal medical-marijuana patient Irvin Rosenfeld was detained in a separate incident after being photographed with his tin of 300 government-supplied joints outside the office of House leader John Boehner.

"Irv was not arrested," Platshorn adds. "He was detained and taken to HQ while they checked his 'story' about being a federal MMJ patient. He was carrying a full can of 300 goverment joints. No problem getting them into the Congressional office building, but as he was going between buildings, security woke up. In the end he was given a letter of apology."

Irv Rosenfeld
Irv Rosenfeld is one of a handlful of patients who receives monthly shipments of marijuana from the federal governent.

Rosenfeld says he was arrested. "I was going through security in our National Capitol when my tin can was discovered to have cannabis in it," he writes on his Facebook page. "I was handcuffed, arrested and detained for approximately 3.5 hours - 2.5 hours spent shackled to a wall. Charges? Felony manufacturing with intent to distribute. 3.5 hours later my identity and story were verified, and I was released."

The Silver Tour promotes safe access to marijuana for seniors. Approximately 60 activists converged on Washington to urge Congress to pass medical-marijuana legislation. They met with Colorado Rep. Jared Polis, who's sponsored several marijuana bills during this session.

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