Johnny Richter Quits Kottonmouth Kings

Johnny Richter’s departure from KMK has fans wondering why?

One of the Kottonmouth Kings longtime MCs, Johnny Richter, has left the group. On Oct. 12, Richter on Facebook:

"Those at the show tonight are gonna notice that I’m not there. A couple weeks ago I made the decision to make a huge change in my life and leave KMK. I’m not gonna get into all the details as I choose not to perpetuate any more negativity- And if you’re anything like me you’re already sick of all the drama, I will say that I am happier with life and feel my soul is unclogged… I’ve been working on new material and am booking shows for December in support of my new project. I’ve always had and continue to have mad love and respect for the fans that have supported me and KMK all these years. I can’t wait to share and play my new music with all of you now and for many years to come and am truly excited to start a new chapter i.. Can’t wait to see all my friends I’ve made thoughout the years on the road and hope you’ll continue to support your boy. Once again THANK YOU for all the years past and here’s to many more in the future."

Group leader Brad Daddy X took several swipes at Richter, who joined KMK in 1999, on his Facebook page, including this one: "True colors and character reveal themselves during times of struggle-Quiters and addicts get exploited by the bottom feeders-onwards and upwards."

KMK MC D-Loc piled on: "Real friends stay true when times are tough-Real friends offer rehab to those who need it-Nothing cool about drunk junkies-thieves and liars."

There's been trouble in the Kingdom all year long, starting with the defection of Taxman in January. He wrote then:

"I decided to quit Kottonmouth Kings. I was sick and tired of all the shit talking and back stabbing that goes on in the group. Lou and richter are still the same guys as they always were and I have nothing but love for them. The other guys in KMK treat lou and richter like shit and are always threatening to kick them out of the group. Bobby, DLOC, Dirtball and Brad turned into backstabbing assholes who treat everyone including our fans like shit. I have never seen people change and turn their backs on everything they have preached and stood for. They don’t have anyone’s back except their own. They are always treating each other and everyone like shit and I’m just over it. They preach family and unity and then treat me like shit and disrespect fans. The truth is they are all about the money and don’t give a fuck about anything else. They turned their back on Pakelika and fucked him over. They have turned their back on all the people that have helped them over the years. From SRH and Sub Noize employees to other bands on the label. These guys have treated them like shit. And they turned their back on me. I put my heart and soul into building KMK. I worked as a crew member, built their sets, designed their clothes and helped with their merch and was happy to do it and still preform every night. I never got paid anything extra for any of it and got paid as a crew member. I didn’t give a fuck about the money and did it all for the movement and the fans but they treated me like shit and were thankless dicks. I still believe in the movement, it’s just not the same KMK that it was. The fans have been saying for years to get back to the roots, I wish that could have happened. I still believe in what KMK stood for at one time, but I’m not going to continue on with people who say one thing and do another."

Taxman, who performed on stage using a megaphone and wore face pant and a Mohawk, was an original member of the Southern California-based hip-hop group, along with Daddy X, D-Loc, DJ Bobby B, drummer Lou Dog, robotic dancer Pakelika and Saint Dog (he left KMK after their first album in 1998 and was replaced by Richter; Pakeilka died of an asthma attack in 2012). Dirtball came aboard in 2010.

Daddy X also recently had a falling out with the band's manager and his partner in the Suburban Noize label and SRH clothing line, Kevin Zinger.


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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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