Bummer: NORML Booted from Super Bowl Contest

NORML failed to make it to the third round in Intuit’s Super Bowl ad contest.

NORML is calling bullshit on Intuit, the company running the Super Bowl ad contest. They pro-pot group advanced to the second round, but didn't male the latest cut.

In a press release, dated Oct. 28, NORML's communications director Erik Altieri complains: "Today, Intuit announced the 20 finalists who moved on to Round 3 of their 'Small Business, Big Game' contest. Despite finishing first in the initial round of public voting (Intuit removed the ability to sort by vote popularity during the second round) and generating hundreds of media hits through Round 2, Intuit, for reasons not communicated to NORML, decided not to advance our entry to the latest round in the contest.

“It is unfortunate that Intuit seems to be relying more on outdated political values instead of overwhelming public opinion when it comes to selecting which entries advanced in their contest. As demonstrated by the outpouring of support and positive media coverage for our entry, the country was ready and eager to see an ad for sensible marijuana law reforms during the most watched TV program of the year. This could’ve been a win for all groups involved, but instead Intuit will likely have only generated ill will for itself amongst the 58% of Americans who now support ending our country’s war on marijuana.”

The rules of the contest are spelled out clearly on Intuit's website:

"Any small business owner who qualifies can visit the Small Business, Big Game website to sign-up and tell their company story in 600 characters or less… During the week of Sept. 23, the businesses with the most votes from the public advance to the next round… Then, on Oct. 28 approximately 8,000 Intuit employees worldwide will narrow down the competition from the top 20 small businesses to the final four, which will be announced on Nov. 11. Each of the four finalists will receive television advertising for their business including a professionally produced commercial… From Nov. 11 to Dec. 1 it will be up to people around the globe to vote and select which small business they want to see take the spotlight in February and have their story told. Whoever receives the most votes will win the grand prize and can expect to have their advertising broadcast during the third quarter of professional football’s championship game."

The Top 20 will be announced on Nov. 11.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

Publisher of CelebStoner.com, former editor of High Times and Freedom Leaf and co-author of Pot Culture and Reefer Movie Madness.