Gaga Plays Marijuana Addiction Card

Lady Gaga wants "kids to know that you can actually become addicted" to pot. Due to a hip injury, the pop star says she smoked "15 to 20 marijuana cigarettes a day."

Here's her interview with New York radio DJ Elvis Duran (cue to three-minute mark):

Gaga: "I've been addicted to various things since I was young, most heavily over the last seven years. I lily pad from substance to substance, because I get to a point where I can't go any further with one substance so I have to move to another. With marijuana - I actually decided to speak about this, because although I do think it is the best of the drugs to choose from when you're playing around and experimenting. I just want young kids to know that you can actually become addicted to it. There's this sentiment that it can't, and that's actually not true because I have been addicted to it. It's ultimately related to anxiety coping and it's a form of self-medication. I was smoking up 15 to 20 marijuana cigarettes a day with no tobacco. I was living on a totally other psychedelic plane, numbing myself completely. Looking back, I do see now that some of that had to do with my hip pain; I didn't know where the pain was coming from. I was just in a lot of pain and very depressed all the time and not really sure why… I was experiencing this all the while on a world tour. So I would get high high high all day and then sleep it off during the afternoon because I would never be high or drunk on stage ever. It's a battle everyday… The truth is it's very hard to be famous. It's wonderful to be famous because I have amazing fans. But it is very, very hard to go out into the world when you're not feeling happy and act like you are, because I'm a human being too, and I break…The truth is that I can break and I did… I was in a wheelchair for six months. I did a lot of drugs and took a lot of pills and I let it kind of go because I didn't know if I was going to live for the next year or two… I want to show people that I will last past 27, and I will last longer, and so will you. I want to change this code in the atmosphere that in order to be remembered I must die young. In order to be remembered as legend I must be dead first. It's unhealthy."

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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