Sarah Silverman: 'I Smoke a Lot of Pot'

Sarah Silverman is back with her first HBO special, We Are Miracles, tonight at 10 pm ET.  Last week she told Andy Borowitz at 92Y in New York: “Sometimes at night I'll smoke a little pot before bed and I'll think of a great idea for a joke, but then in the morning I realize it's not a complete thought in any way. I think George Carlin said write stoned and edit sober or something."

Silverman added: "I have very few vivid memories because I smoke a lot of pot. Only when all work is done and just a puff or two as a treat. I never smoke pot, like if I were going to come here. But I have found if I smoke a little pot before I play basketball I become amazing and I hear myself saying things like 'not on my watch' a lot."

In the intro of We Are Miracles, Silvermnan smokes a joint outside Largo, the L.A. comedy club where it's filmed. Silverman's at her edgy best and is once again directed by Liam Lynch (Jesus Is Magic).

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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