Kevin Durant Smokes Hookah

Oklahoma Thunder star Kevin Durant releases smoke from a hookah. The photo was posted at Twitter.

A photo of the NBA's leading scorer Kevin Durant exhaling a large amount of smoke has people wondering exactly what he was toking. "Obviously it's me smoking hookah," the star hoopster tweeted.

An Arab man smokes a single-hose hookah water pipe.

Durant, who plays for the Oklahoma Thunder, is among the league's top five players; some would say he's No. 2 behind LeBron James. This season Durant is averaging nearly 30 ppg, one point above his career average.

Hookahs are popular smoking devices (water pipes) that are generally used to puff flavored tobacco using hoses attached to the large bowl. Hash is often an ingredient in hookahs, which are common in the Middle East. Hookah bars have popped up around the country, skirting anti-smoking laws in retail establishments.

Durant claims the photo, which he took, was leaked on Twitter and that his phone was hacked. The photo and comments have been removed.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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