Senator Cites Gaga As Reason to Oppose Legalization

Douchebag: Sen. Sessions rails against marijuana legalization in Judiciary Committee hearing.

In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions used Lady Gaga's recent admission of her so-called marijuana addiction to hammer away against the rising tide of legalization.

"Lady Gaga says she's addicted to it and it is not harmless," he said during his grilling of Attorney General Eric Holder.

During an interview last November, Gaga explained how she got hooked on pot while medicating herself for a hip injury. "I was smoking 15 to 20 marijuana cigarettes a day," she stated. "I would get high high high all day and then sleep it off… I just want young kids to know that you can actually become addicted to it.

Considering how conservative Sessions is, the "Goddess of Love" now likely regrets her comments. She has yet to respond to the Southern senator.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

Publisher of, former editor of High Times and Freedom Leaf and co-author of Pot Culture and Reefer Movie Madness.