Lorde, Lorde: Singer Says She Hates Reggae Music

Lorde: "Reggae makes me feel like I’m late for something."

"I hate reggae," says 17-year-old New Zealand pop star Lorde. "Reggae makes me feel like I'm late for something."

In Jamaica, Spice, who covered Lorde's hit, "Royals," which won several Grammy Awards earlier this month, is now sorry she performed the song.

"I'm really disappointed in her statement, because I was such a big fan of her music, and fell in love with 'Royals' the moment I heard it," the female dancehall singer repsonds. "I'm not a fan anymore, and will just delete her album and move on. Reggae is the most soulful genre, so I can't understand how someone could hate it. I really regret even doing a reggae cover to her single. Everyone knows the origin of reggae music is Jamaica, and by black people. So my question is: Is it the music that she really doesn't like, or just the black race?"

Maybe Lorde doesn't care for Spice's version...

Just in case people think she's racist, in the same video, World According to Lorde, the singer also says she "loves rap music because it just makes me feel way cooler than I actually am."


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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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