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Echoing is father, Ziggy Marley says about ganja: "This plant has the ability to heal the whole world."

CelebStoner talks to Bob Marley's eldest son Ziggy Marley, about his fifth solo album, Fly Rasta, ganja, Rastafarianism and Snoop Lion.

First of all, congratulations for your album Ziggy Marley in Concert winning the 2014 Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.

Thank you. Respect.

Ziggy Marley on Rasta: "It’s a philosophy."

I’ve been playing the title track from your new album for the last couple of weeks on West Coast Masters Co-Op Radio. It has a different sound than we're used to hearing from you.

Yeah,  man I love it! Every time can’t be the same old thing. It's just the way I am. I always try to take different roads to see where I go. You know? I’m very excited and I really enjoyed making this record a lot.

The new album is coming out on April 15, which is right on time for our favorite day, 4/20. What are your plans for 4/20 this year?

You know, we don’t make plans. Its 4/20! You don’t plan it, you just do it! (Ed note: Marley will be in Luxembourg on Apr. 20.)

I’m a big fan of Marijuanaman, the fully illustrated, hardcover comic book that you wrote a few years ago. What was your inspiration to create a comic book about a superhero called Marijuana Man?

The inspiration was to cast a light on the plant. You know, this plant has the ability to heal the whole world. That is the reason I created this superhero. This comic was not written in a stereotypical, comedic sense either. It's the real deal.

Is ganja still a big part of your life? Do you like to stay smoked out while recording an album?

Oh sometimes, yes! Not all the time, just when I need inspiration. It's natural. We smoke free naturally with no chemicals.

For those out there who are just getting into reggae music, explain what it means to be Rasta. What is a Rastafarian? Is it a way of thinking and acting or is it a religion?

Rasta is being a good human being. Loving. Good for Planet Earth, you know? It's a way of life and thinking. It's a philosophy. I don’t think it's a uniform thing, but the foundation has to come from the same roots.

Snoop Lion says he's the reincarnation of your father, Bob Marley. Are you cool with that?

That man have the right to what he say and think. I don’t get into things like that. It's not necessary to me. It’ s not worth the time, you know? Just live your life and make sure you do what you do. Don’t watch what he do. Whatever he do, he do, but you do what you do. That's all you need. I don’t judge or hate no one.


Dru West

Dru West

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