Places Ad with Outdoor Channel

This cable channel is the first to accept a medical-marijuana ad, according to

The Sushi Dealer spot is back. After being short-circuited by Comcast in New Jersey, has found a receptive network in the Outdoor Channel to run their ad.

The ad buy is for two weeks, starting Apr. 18. The one-minute spot, which features a street dealer who sells sushi instead of marijuana, generally appears between 7 pm and 12 am (all ET).

Watch the Sushi Dealer spot

"The Outdoor Channel is a good fit for due to the nature of programming that Outdoor highlights," company rep Janet Falk tells CelebStoner

She notes that the Outdoor Channel is carried by 38 million households throughout the U.S. and is a national cable network.

The Outdoor Channel airs such shows as Wardens and NRA Gun Gurus. Is that what they call a good fit for a company pitching its medical-marijuana network of doctors, patients and dispensaries?

Jason Draizin, CEO and founder of Medical Cannabis Network, the website's parent company, explain his position to CelebStoner:

"The Outdoor Channel was the first cable television network to accept a marijuana-related commercial for national broadcast. Having achieved this milestone, steps are being taken that will take the industry mainstream over time. This is the first airing, which is the hardest to secure in order to gain credibility. Looking ahead, other stations will soon feel more confident and more comfortable when choosing to work with the medical-marijuana market, because the stigma will be lessened. Other networks can now point to this monumental event - the first national broadcast on the Outdoor Channel - and accept marijuana-related advertising."

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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