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Denver: America's 4/20 Capitol

Events for the 4/20 stoner holiday, especially in Colorado, mostly sold out. Tickets for the Cannabis Cup soared to as high as $1,000.

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Snoop Dogg & Ke$ha Get Blunted

Snoop Dogg and Ke$sha lit up the MTV Movie Awards show when the rapper came out smoking a blunt and passed it to the singer, who took a couple of hits. But was it really weed?

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The Official 4/20 Event Guide (2013)

Arriving on a Saturday, Apr. 20, or 4/20, was huge this year. The stoner holiday featured rallies, concerts, judging contests, film openings and the Lebowski Fest.

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The Amanda Show: Burning with Bynes

Former child star Amanda Bynes likes to smoke pot in public. The actress was photographed on Apr. 8 puffing what appeared to be a joint as she walked in New York's Times Square.

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Joe Klein: Voice for Legalization

Journalist Joe Klein writes in his latest Time column: "I’m for legalizing marijuana. It is a relatively mild, non-addictive drug. It is simply illogical for alcohol to be legal and pot not."

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