One Direction Smoke Two Joints

One Direction stoner Zayn Malik lights a joint during South America leg of their Where We Are tour.. (Daily Mail Online)

Britain's biggest boy band One Direction have officially outed themselves as stoners. Two members, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson, recorded them toking in a van as they drove around Lima, Peru.

In the midst of the South America leg of their Where We Are Tour, Malik and Tomlinson decided to smoke a joint and videotape the action (watch below), with Malik doing most of the puffing and Tomlinson behind the camera, narrating for all to hear. It should be noted that the video was made on Apr. 27, prior to their two shows in Santiago, Chile. One Direction are currently back in Europe for the second leg of the tour.

Zayn Malik exhales in band van as they ride around Lima, Peru on Apr. 27. (Daily Mail Online)

"So here we are, leaving Peru. Joint lit. Happy days. What do you think Zayn? About that kind of content?" Tomlinson says.

"I think it's very controversial," he replies.

"Smokescreen baby!" Tomlinson goes on. "That’s just Zayn warming up there before the show. Zayn takes his job very seriously. He makes sure he goes through a two-hour intense warm-up regime before every show, just to get himself in the zone. One very, very important factor to Zayn’s warm-up, of course, is Mary Jane herself."

Zayn Malik exhales marijuana smoke in the direction of his stony bandmate, Louis Tomlinson. (Daily Mail Online)

Malik takes a nice long hit. "How is it, Zayn?" Tomlinson asks.

"Nice," he exhales.

"I’m sitting here in Peru wondering will this come back to me?" Tomlinson inquires. "Who knows? Maybe, maybe not."

The boys will certainly enjoy their upcoming stop in Amsterdam (June 24-25 at Amsterdam Arena). Unfortunately for them, they don't have a show scheduled for Denver during the North American leg of the tour, which begins in Toronto on Aug. 1.

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