Susan Sarandon's Munchies Problem

Susan Sarandon: "The only down side I can think of with weed is the munchies."

Academy Award winning actress Susan Sarandon likes to attend awards shows stoned, but after an hour on the red carpet, she gets hungry. "They would do very well to pass out munchies," she advises.

"The only down side I can think of with weed is the munchies," Sarandon tells People. "And I don't handle them, I munch. Awards shows are four hours long. So by the time you even get through the red carpet, unfortunately you're not high anymore. But your blood sugar drops. I remember one time sitting in front of Seal at a very long show and he was passing out little snacks, which was very helpful."

In the past, she admitted to toking before heading to awards shows, "except for the Oscars."

Sarandon is currently busy promoting her new movie, Ping Pong Summer, which opens June 6.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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