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Whoopi Goldberg Criticizes New York's New Medical Marijuana Law

Whoopi Goldberg: "As a patient not yet covered, I will wait."

In her latest Cannabist column, Whoopi Goldberg takes issue with the recent passage of medical marijuana legislation in New York that doesn't include glaucoma, which she suffers from, as an approved condition.

"I’m sorry to say the governor’s plan doesn’t include conditions like glaucoma, migraines or severe menstrual disorders - very real issues for people who suffer from them, myself included (glaucoma)," The View host writes.

'As a patient not yet covered, I will wait - with hopes that my condition, and the others not yet recognized by the state of New York can one day, very soon, legitimately and legally be serviced by cannabis, and included in New York’s medical marijuana laws.'

New York State Sen. Diane Savino, who sponsored the bill, said at the NCIA fundraiser on Aug. 7 that glaucoma was removed from the list of conditions "because ophthalmologists said there were better drugs. We're not doctors, so we took it out of the bill."

Goldberg disagrees, but remains happy that "the empire state of mind will soon be more elevated and compassionate than ever before - with legal medical cannabis in Manhattan, Albany, Buffalo and Ithaca."

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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