Marijuana Strains Promote Kevin Smith's 'Tusk'

Veganic Chernobyl (a.k.a. White Walrus) is one of two strains grown specifically by Buds & Roses to promote "Tusk."

Buds & Roses’ Mr. Tusk strain.

Kevin Smith's new movie Tusk is about turning a man into a walrus. Yes, in the film, the walrus is Justin Long. And, if that isn't weird enough, Smith asked L.A. dispensary Bud & Roses to grow out two marijuana strains to help promote the film.

Mr. Tusk and White Walrus were both cultivated by Buds & Roses in partnership with Kushman Veganics. The latter strain, under the name Veganic Chernobyl (Trainwreck x Trinity x Jack the Ripper), was submitted for competition at this past weekend's Cannabis Cup in Seattle in the sativa category (it lost). Both strains are available at the Studio City pot shop (13047 Ventura Blvd.).

Aaron Justis from Buds & Roses tells CelebStoner: "Chernobyl is White Walrus and we entered as a sativa. It's pretty strong and inspiring with a good head high. We entered the phenotype nicknamed 'golden ticket,' that's why it's Veganic Chernobyl (GT). Mr. Tusk is a Kens OG Kush phenotype we nicknamed Purple Drank because of its aroma and flavor. It's an indica on the heavy side."

Kevin Smith joins Aaron Justis (left) and Kyle Kushman (right) in the Buds & Roses’ "Genetic Jungle" grow room.

Tusk (not to be confused with Fleetwood Mac's 1979 double album of the same name) opens Sept. 19. Check out Hollywood Reporter's review. Watch the trailer below.

Smith has long been a marijuana supporter. He appeared on the cover of High Times with a huge mound of weed in 2001.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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